Your new taxapp – all you need to know

Why has my taxapp changed?
Due to recent changes with Apple procedures and approvals, it has meant that we cannot guarantee that your taxapp would be updated with the latest information. This is a change that Apple have recently enforced, which is effecting businesses all around the world. Our webapp solution ensures that you have a taxapp that will always have the most updated content and does not rely on stores such as Apple, Google and Windows to update and approve.

Will my taxapp be in the App stores?
Your taxapp is no longer required to be in the various stores such as Apple, Google Play and Windows. This means that you will no longer have to pay the annual fee’s for the stores to display your taxapp.

How can people access my new taxapp?
Your new taxapp can be accessed via a download link. There is no need to create accounts or stores to access your new app. The link we have provided for your new taxapp can be emailed directly to your clients and included within your website (ideally on your homepage and taxapp specific page). This allows your users to instantly download your app.

What does this mean for your old taxapp?
Your current app is still in the various stores, such as Apple, Google Play and Windows store but will no longer be supported with the updated rates and information. Your clients will still be able to use this app but the information will become out of date. As mentioned above, we will make sure that it is clear that your new app is available to download.

If we do not hear from you before 31st May 2018 then we will remove your app from the stores. If your Apple or Google store renewal is due before 31st May we will contact you to confirm if you would like the apps removed or your store membership renewed. Please note, this will mean that while your old taxapp is in store, it will not be updated or supported.

Does my new taxapp download to my phone?
Yes, the taxapp will download to your users homescreens. The simple stages for this to happen are:

  1. Download link
  2. Save to homescreen

Do I have to be connected to the internet to use?
No. Your taxapp will be available both online and offline. Your app will update when accessed online, but all the features and content can be use an any point – like any app.

Is there a change in price?
No, the isn’t an increase in price, your monthly fee remains the same. In-fact, it will save some money, due to not requiring to purchase the annual store fee’s.

Will my taxapp design change?
No, your design and display will remain the same. You will still have your branding and any imagery and colour schemes will remain the same.

Have the features the changed?
Your new web application will work in exactly the same way as your current app. You will not lose any of the features or content, meaning your users will still have access to all the useful tools and content.

How can I inform my current app users?
We will notify your clients via a push notification to notify them of your change of app. There will also be a message included within pages of your app pointing users to download the new taxapp.

The suggested text is:
Push notification – ‘Please note that we have a new app to download, you can access this via our website homepage . This app is being replaced and will no longer be updated.’

App page content – ‘Please note that we have a new app to download, you can access this via our website. Our new webapp is available via download link and does not require you to access your device store. This app is being replaced and will no longer be updated with the latest rates and information.’

How should I communicate this to my clients?
We will supply you with a free marketing pack with hints and tips as to how to best communicate your new taxapp to clients and prospects. Our in-depth pack covers a variety of digital and print options for you to explore. If you would like any help with this, then contact our team, who are on hand to help.

Download your free marketing pack

Your pack includes useful personalised marketing assets for you to use throughout your client communication. Your pack will inform existing users of the change to your app, while there is also personalised material to attract new users.

Will you update my website?
If you have a totalsolution or Practice Track Online website, then we will update your download links and text for you. If you would like to add any additional information then please contact our website team.

Removing your taxpp from the stores
If we do not hear from you before the 31 May 2018, we will remove your app from Apple, Google and Windows. We advise your app is removed in order to avoid confusion to your clients, while ensuring they use your app with the updated content. The app will still appear on your clients devices and but each time they open it, the messages we have created to say the app is no longer updated and your new app is available, will still be seen.